Reflection Blog Post

My favorite project this semester was the logo design project through illustrator. I admire logo’s all the time because they are everywhere. And this was something that I really wanted to learn how to do/create. It was very interesting how illustrator worked and how you can create anything by morphing different shapes and using editing tools. I spent a lot of time on this project as it took me awhile to create the pineapple and surf board designs. But now I can actually say I created my own logo, which is pretty cool to me.

In this course I learned how to use photoshop, illustrator, audition, and premiere. I will actually use some of these as I am going into business, and these are all helpful tools that I can now take advantage of.  These all actually help for resumes as well because it shows experience and knowledge on the computer.

I plan on going into business management. And pretty much everything we did could possibly be useful for me in my future. My uncle was in business and he used photoshop and illustrator all the time to create designs for his business. So I am sure I could eventually be using these types of applications in my future for my job.

No, I did not wish I learned about another skill in this course because I really don’t know about any other ones. I would have enjoyed to learn more if it was in the course schedule, as I did with the rest of the assignments.

I actually used one website called unsplash which is a free to use website, and all of the pictures are very high quality. This was useful in my video story because I was narrating about the Bahama’s and I needed quality pictures in order to make my work look professional.

In the beginning of this class I wasn’t too sure if I was going to like this course as I am used to being in a classroom to learn. I actually tried to drop this class in the beginning but was too late. Now, I am happy that I did not. I really did learn a lot from this class, and it is actually useful stuff that I can see myself using in the future. This is why I like being in college as I am not just put into any random class that does not teach me any real life skills. Overall, this ended up being one of my favorite classes, so I thank you for that.



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